Workwear is something your staff should never have to think about. When the clothes are truly functional, ergonomic and durable, they don’t have to. Our products make working easier, improve ergonomics, protect from tough conditions and look great. Top gear for top performances.



A well-made work garment is not only durable, but it is also an ecological choice. We do continuous product development in close cooperation with our Asian offices, our product development unit and our customers.

Quality management is handled by a dedicated team that knows the specific requirements of our customers. The team checks every piece of clothing coming off the production line to make sure they are top-notch when they reach the customers.



You do not have to worry about certification. We do it for you, whether it is for workwear, shoes, high visibility-, multinorm- or rainwear.



Logonet has workwear offices in Finland, Thailand, China, and Bangladesh. We are part of Logonet Group, designing and producing workwear, protective clothing, work shoes, bags, and home textiles and other merchandise for several internationally known brands. We are just as comfortable working with your specific requirements, tech packs and materials as we are in R&D cooperation with your brand and merchandising teams.

More about Logonet Group: www.logonet.com

Our proven processes, quality, and environmental certificates and transparency guarantee peace of mind. Knowing that your brand is in capable hands, you can choose the level of your involvement from big-picture supervision to nitty-gritty details, or anything in between. Satisfied customers are our best proof of smooth cooperation.

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