Protective clothing, footwear, and gloves

In addition to workwear, Logonet specializes in designing, certifying, and manufacturing category II and III high visibility and flame retardant clothing, safety footwear and gloves. We design all products in Finland, certify the PPE products for you and manufacture most of all clothing production in our own factory in Bangladesh. Our own team supervises the production process, inspects every outgoing product and delivers the required quantity of products to your warehouse.


Logonet designs and manufactures customized workwear to match every company’s and user group’s needs and working conditions. Offering ready-made clothing lines is not our way of working: we design and manufacture all clothing specifically for the company and the industry in question. We will familiarize ourselves carefully with your company and user group and produce solutions with details that will benefit your staff and their work while also supporting your brand. Workwear designed this way will also serve as your company’s wearable business card.

We manufacture most of our clothes in our own Global Recycled Standard certified factory in Bangladesh, where our quality control inspects every outgoing product piece by piece guaranteeing first class quality, durability, and longevity. Carefully designed and manufactured quality clothing is also an economic and ecological choice. It stands the test of time and is durable, saving natural resources and reducing the product’s carbon footprint. Our promise is to offer recycled material options for workwear whenever possible, taking into consideration the client’s durability requirements. This means that we will be able to reduce the use of raw materials, water, and energy. Taking significant measures can also be easy and cost-effective.

Disposable protective clothing and devices

In addition to workwear and protective clothing, we manufacture and deliver disposable protective devices, clothes and class 1 medical equipment to be used as personal protection to all our operational countries. Our Asian unit ensures the high quality of our products and the proper functioning of our production and delivery chain.

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