Step by step in the right direction

While making workwear for demanding conditions, we minimize the environmental impact of our production process to protect the delicate balance of our planet. We have already achieved much, but we are just getting started.

High-quality clothes last for a long time, which in itself is environmentally friendly. By choosing recycled options, we save raw materials, and by avoiding packaging plastics, we reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution. Taking important steps is easy, and it doesn’t even have to cost much. Use the calculator on the right to see the impact you can make just by choosing recycled fabrics.

Respecting people and the environment

Many of our clothes are made in developing countries, where the standard of living is very low. With our own actions, we can positively effect change. We are fair to our employees and comply with the ILO international regulations. Each of our suppliers is committed to complying with Logonet’s Code of Conduct, and most of our suppliers are either BSCI or SA8000 audited.

Room for improvement

We want to do our part caring for this great planet. While making sure our workwear is safe, ergonomic and good-looking, we can simultaneously have a positive impact. The greatest positive environmental impact we can have is by considering our choice of materials. That is our main focus. However, there are other decisions that make a difference, too.

Our own factory in Bangladesh is certified to manufacture menswear and womenswear according to the requirements of the Global Recycled Standard. The Global Recycled Standard ensures the origin of recycled material and follows the passing of materials carefully through the supply chain from fiber preparation to finishing the clothing. The Global Recycled Standard also contains requirements for social, environmental, and chemical practices.

Our goals by 2024:

Use of recycled material

  • We will replace 65% of all lining material with recycled material
  • 90% of the padding in our winter clothes will be derived from plastic waste collected from nature
  • We will be offering an alternative made from recycled material to customers whenever technically possible.

Other goals

  • Our cardboard boxes and wrapping will be manufactured from 100% recycled material
  • We will reduce the amount of individual packaging, particularly plastic packaging
  • When plastic individual packaging cannot be avoided, we will offer a biodegradable or recycled option
  • We will minimize the share of air cargo in transport
  • We will improve our Green Office rating by an additional 15%


Achievements so far

For 10 years we have invested in responsibility, process efficiency and the reduction of our carbon footprint. As a responsible producer, we are a member of both the SELT Association and Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy.

In January Logonet Oy was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate and we created the first Code of Conduct guidelines for our subcontractors.

In March our Helsinki office was awarded the WWF Green Office certificate. As a result, we created our first environmental program and started environmental reporting. We started monitoring electricity and paper consumption as well as the consumption pattern indicator. We created purchasing guidelines (using eco-labeled products wherever possible), activated the power saving settings for all office equipment and instructed the staff in how to improve their awareness and make their daily routines more environmentally friendly.

During the first year after joining Green Office, we reduced our use of printing paper (we switched to automatic 2-sided printing) and our electricity consumption, got rid of our water dispenser, and increased the supply and sales of products and services with smaller environmental impacts to our customers.

Our garment factory Fun Factory Ltd was founded in Bangladesh. The factory´s carbon footprint was calculated.

Our financial management went completely paperless.

In July, Logonet was awarded FTA membership, now known as the Amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). It is very important to us that our suppliers demonstrate that they meet our ethical requirements by acquiring Amfori BSCI or similar auditing. The objective of this global initiative is to improve working conditions in international supply chains.

Logonet has always been a conscientious recycler, whether it is paper, cardboard, glass, electronics or discarded items from its own ranges. In May 2016 we organized a recycling week, during which we collected 379 kg of goods for the Recycling Center. It was the second largest amount that was delivered to the Recycling Center that spring.

We started tracking the kilometers flown on business trips, with the aim of reducing them annually. We have succeeded in that goal.

In July, Logonet was awarded the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certificate. At the same time, the quality system was reformed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. In connection with the ISO 14001:2015 certification, we identified the most significant environmental aspects of our operation, which are transportation, product life cycle impacts, and waste. These three factors are the center of our attention as we set goals and develop our environmental management systems.

In August, the Helsinki office moved to new, more energy-efficient premises.

The Finnish Baby Aid Kit project started. The project involves partners from World Vision, Unicef, IOM, and many others. Read more at www.finnishbabyaidkit.com

As an option, we offered the Finnish Baby Aid Kit textile products made of recycled plastic.
We published our environmental goals for 2020.

We replaced plastic bags with bags made from recycled plastic.

Our factory in Bangladesh was awarded the Global Recycled Standard certificate.
We delivered our first products made from 100% recycled material to our customers.
80 % of the padding of our winter clothes was developed and manufactured from plastic waste collected from nature.

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